NONE is an italian artistic collective moving between the boundaries of art, design, and technologic research

Realty is an immersive experiece that explores the relationship between perception, audiovisual culture and social behavior. Like in a group therapy partecipants are invited to share their screeen addiction, in a sort of collective isolation that can generate a cathartic active re-education. A perceptive experiment that addresses the ambiguity of digital, poised between awareness and emotional dependence, relaxation and technostress, entertainment and the abuse of fiction.

Does Technology expand the real or capture into a perpetual fiction?
Digital devices allow you to see “beyond” or do they prevent us from focusing on the horizon?
Are we enchanted by the beauty of an image or are we mesmerized by its glow?
Are we using technology or is technology using us?

  • Year:2022
  • Type of Project: immersive installation
  • Materials: Two suspended square screens, four channel audio system, strobos, par light, fog machine, cushions
  • Location: Cavallerizza Reale - Torino