NONE is an italian artistic collective moving between the boundaries of art, design, and technologic research

Head in the clouds, listening to dreams in a world of distractions

Suspend your thoughts, remain available, empty and permeable, detach yourself from yourself and go into yourself, as you inhale and exhale. Go beyond the limits of space, of our world, of everyday life, abandon yourself.

Clouds of thoughts pass over our heads, casting shadows, opening to rays of light, bringing rains.
An invitation to observe, to listen, to cultivate doubt and to run less and to stop and look at the clouds.

If you want to see the valleys, climb on top of the mountain; if you want to see the top of the mountain, the cloud lifted from above; but if you try to understand the cloud, close your eyes and think. (Kahlil Gibran)


  • Year:2021
  • Type of Project: immersive installation
  • Materials: low fog machines, truss, 4k videoprojection, sound experience, lights
  • Dimensions: dimensions/configurations Variable - space 10x10x7(H) m / waterfall 4x2x6(H) m
  • Location: Base Milano, Gallerie Mercatali Verona