NONE is an italian artistic collective moving between the boundaries of art, design, and technologic research

Immersive installation that evokes the experience of drifting. The work is composed of a vibrant platform that evokes a drifting raft and where the participants take a seat, a multi-projection system and 360-degree dynamic lights that project the shadows of the people on the walls around.
Disastro / Disaster, literally means ‘without stars’, because you get lost in the sea in the dark without references

we navigate without a goal or perspective, the perception of time is changing. We should begin to listen and look for a message in a bottle in a sea of concrete, walls and pillars. In the darkness we are still looking for signs and thoughts to shine.

  • Year:2021
  • Type of Project: immersive installation
  • Materials: raft, mast with sail, multiprojection, electromagnetic transducer, cooling fan, lights.
  • Dimensions: dimensions/configurations Variable - space 700x700x250(H) cm