NONE is an italian artistic collective moving between the boundaries of art, design, and technologic research

The contemporary reinterprets the classic

Three permanent multimedia installations for the new archaeological section of the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia.
The multimedia art installations, different from each other in terms of technique and content, propose a new form of museum storytelling in which the themes, historical and iconographic materials are interpreted and returned to the visitor without the intermediation of narrative texts or voices, but as sensory perceptions direct that become emotion and poetry.

Forms and places of memory” through a mirrored monolith with engraved plates and a projection evokes the process of protection and enhancement of the ancient heritage of the city by the Brescian community.

The Winged Victory” tells the story, the iconography and the technical characteristics of this masterpiece of classical art through a central tableau treated with a phosphor pigment paint and illuminated by a laser and a projector.

Architecture, Man and Nature“, an installation composed of a multi-projection that evokes the places and architectures in which the life of man is staged from ancient times to today.

  • Year:2023
  • Type of Project: exhibition, museum, immersive installation
  • Location: the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia