NONE is an italian artistic collective moving between the boundaries of art, design, and technologic research

We know how to kill a mosquito but not a thought that buzzes in our mind

There are things we do not perceive, yet they exist. Virus, atoms, gravitational waves, magnetism, time. Reality is not one only; infinite realities penetrate each other, parallel dimensions speak to us, it is enough to open a door to catch distant echoes and future reminiscences. Eternal inflation and dark energy coexist, linearity shatters, reconstruction of the whole will take place not once, but infinitely.

A black body is an ideal object able to absorb all the incident electromagnetic radiation. Many astronomical sources, starting from the stars, emit radiation with characteristics very similar to that of a black body.

  • Year:2020
  • Type of Project: multidimensional artwork
  • Materials: Satin brass, iron, solenoids, electrical cable, electromagnetic transducer, printed circuit boards, electromagnetic waves, lights.